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ji joy

At Journalism Interactive in Gainesville, Fla., 2016

My goal is to help you envision and work toward a more committed, more rewarding, more collaborative relationship with the people you most want to reach and serve.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we’ll work together to articulate your mission and goals before developing strategies. Then I’ll help you and your organization move forward in a way that is optimistic, practical and purposeful.  

My background is journalism, and I get a thrill out of helping the industry I love so much stay relevant and audience-focused. Of course, the transformation of digital communication clearly applies outside newsrooms, and I also enjoy working with other organizations that are interested in adapting their organizational cultures and products to better serve their audiences or clients.

Get in touch at joy@joymayer.com.

How I can help you:

Whether you want a one-time Skype session, a lecture or speaking engagement, an on-site staff training, or a months-long consulting relationship, I look forward to helping you evolve. Here are some sample services I offer, with links that will give you a window into my philosophies.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: What do you hope users learn about you on your social channels, and what do you hope they’ll do in response? I can help you create a social media publishing plan, based on what you hope to achieve and what relationship you want with your users. We’ll look at your social analytics and goals and create a plan for producing each channel, including a framework for the pacing of posts, a cheat sheet for different types of posts, design templates for visual components and recommendations for logistics and staffing needs. I can then train your staff to execute the plan and provide evaluation and tune-up sessions.

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ANALYTICS AND MEASUREMENT: What qualifies as “success” for your organization? When something “works,” what does that mean? What are you doing that’s “working,” and what are you doing that’s falling flat? I’ll evaluate what you’re measuring, what data you’re overlooking and what you wish you knew about how your audience responds to your work. I’ll help you identify the metrics that tie most closely to your mission, and we’ll make a customized plan for tracking success and impact.

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AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT: How can you base what you’re doing on the actual needs of the people you aim to serve? How can you host and join conversations around what you cover and find out what matters most to people? And do you have a plan to make sure the content reaches the users who most need it? The process of gathering and producing the news should be more transparent, collaborative and social, and getting there means being willing to adjust your routines, workflow and organizational culture.  I can work through these issues with your newsroom overall and/or help with specific projects or coverage areas with smaller groups. Let’s make a plan to ground your work in the priorities and expertise of the community.

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TELLING THE STORY OF YOUR WORK: Do you invest in telling your community or your audience what you stand for and what you offer? Too many brands don’t. Let’s work on clearly articulating what you wish people knew about you — your values, your services, your priorities, your mission, your competitive advantage, etc. Then let’s pull from strategies I’ve tested to work the story of your brand into your communications. Don’t just hope your users understand how great you are. Learn how to tell them why you’re relevant and important in ways that feel genuine, not forced.

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STRATEGIC PLANNING AND CONTENT STRATEGY: Is it time for you as an organization to step back and talk about your mission and goals? What are you in business to do? Who are you in business to serve? Is it “working”? Are you providing content your audience wants? Let me guide your staff through those questions. I’ll get you working through the answers, and together we’ll craft a plan for staffing, content, audience, feedback and community outreach.

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