A collection of social media resources for newsrooms

I’m doing some training today with the Texas Center for Community Journalism.

We’ll be going over some basics of social media best practices — user behavior on different platforms, how to craft compelling posts, how to host lively conversations and how to boost engagement. We’ll talk about measuring success and deciding which platforms are right for you.

I have a bunch of links for participants, and I’ll throw them up here publicly in case they’re useful to others as well.

Here are some posts I’ve written over the years to help newsrooms navigate social strategy. 

We’ll also talk about building trust, of course.

My Trusting News project has used Facebook to test trust-building strategies. Facebook is a natural fit for the work because it’s about relationships. Journalists feel comfortable talking directly to their Facebook audience, and users feel comfortable talking back.

Here are some DIY worksheets we created based on what newsroom partners have learned. :

Here are some general resources and communities for learning more about using social media well.

I’d love to hear what has been most helpful to your newsroom. Got anything tacked up next to your desk? Any posts you refer to over and over? Let me know. Cheers!


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