My work

I run Trusting News, a project with a goal of empowering journalists to better demonstrate credibility and earn trust. Read more about that at

This page serves as an archive of links of my time at the Missouri School of Journalism and the Columbia Missourian, where I was director of community outreach until 2015.

Journalism produced by my newsroom team

I sure miss my newsrooms days a lot of the time. Here are some of my favorite projects from my time inventing the community outreach team at the Columbia Missourian.

Academic work from when I was discovering engagement

Back in 2010-2011, I wrote and studied a lot about the emerging subject of audience engagement in journalism. Here are a few examples of that in-depth work.

  • A community engagement discussion guide for newsrooms: I wrote this near the end of my year as an RJI fellow. It’s designed to help individual newsroom staffs zero in on what their goals are and what might help get them there. It was informed by dozens of interviews I did with journalists, who all had different ideas about what community engagement meant for their own situations. 
  • Three kinds of engagement: outreach, conversation, collaboration: What I learned in dozens of interviews. Plus, my definition of audience engagement in journalism.
  • A survey of professional journalists: I helped design this survey, which gathered baseline data on what web analytics and audience engagement strategies were actually in use by daily newspaper editors.
  • My master’s thesis: This work reflects how I categorized types of community engagement work and how one newsroom I studied in-depth was attempting to change its culture.


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