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joy mayer april 2016

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After almost 20 years as a working journalist, including 12 as an accidental academic, I’m now a full-time engagement strategist. I help journalists and organizations grow their understanding of audience strategies and measurement of success.

I’m an experimenter, an optimist and a change agent.

GET IN TOUCH: Email me at joy@joymayer.com. You can also find me at Twitter, Facebook, delicious, Instagram, LinkedIn and about.me.

HIRE ME: Learn more about what I could do with your organization.

I regularly speak, train and consult on topics like:
— audience engagement
— audience development
— identifying and connecting with specific audiences for specific brands, verticals or projects
— social media strategies
— measuring impact (see my list of impact metrics here)
— participatory culture
— transforming digital publications
— workplace processes and organizational culture

I gave a TEDx talk in Columbia, Mo., in spring 2013. Watch it here.

I used to be the director of community outreach at the Columbia Missourian, the community newspaper run by faculty and staffed by students at the Missouri School of Journalism. For the 12 years I was there, I was also a professor at the Missouri School of Journalism, where I taught a number of topics including Participatory Journalism, Multimedia Planning and Design, and News Design. I love teaching and was fortunate to get so much experience with it while still making daily journalism my top priority.

Personal stuff: My husband, two sons (Thing One and Thing Tw0) and I have moved back to Sarasota, Fla., where we lived before my Mizzou days. I’m thrilled to be back by the ocean, am shopping for a sailboat and think the smell of sunscreen makes most days better.

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