Who needs “engagement” training most: worker bees or queen bees?

I’m lucky enough to be spending eight months learning from the best about what it means for journalists to engage with their communities. I’m getting interesting and varied answers. For some folks, engagement is about listening to the community. For others, it’s more to do with inspiring civic activism and involvement. And sometimes it really comes down to brand loyalty and page views.

Where does the responsibility for audience engagement fall within a news organization? Part of my mission is to make sure working journalists get to benefit from the information and tips I’m gathering, and I’m thinking about who I should target with my evangelism.

Is it the on-the-street journalists, who are most in touch with the community day-to-day?

Is it the in-the-newsroom folks who are most hands-on with social media, comments and blogs? (city editor, copy desk, others)

Is it the top management, responsible for crafting strategies, assigning duties and allocating resources? The folks with the decision-making power?

Or someone else?

Help me out and vote, folks.


This was originally posted on the blog of the Reynolds Journalism Institute, where I am a 2010-2011 fellow.


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