#lifelessons. Or, how to make yourself popular in the newsroom.

  1. I’m giving a quick beginning-of-the-semester lesson in
    professionalism with my class tomorrow — one that I hope will help my
    team ingratiate themselves to the rest of the newsroom. Some of my students have a lot of experience in office or newsroom settings, and some do not. Some have worked in my newsroom before, and some have not.

    I want to
    emphasize that how they conduct themselves — in the newsroom and out —
    plays a huge role in their perceived credibility, their working
    relationships and their ability to collaborate.

    After all, you can’t get anything done in a newsroom by yourself. If you want to work solo, find a new profession.

    So, here we go.

  2. mayerjoy
    I’m all about the life lessons today. “When you stop in someone’s office, it’s a good idea to first introduce yourself.”
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 10:23:01
  3. mayerjoy
    More #lifelessons: Before you launch into a five-minute story, ask to see if the person you’re addressing has time to talk.
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 10:23:44
  4. I got some useful advice from my friends on the Interwebs today.

  5. robweir
    @mayerjoy another #lifelesson: “you busy?” should be a request for information, not a hello.
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 10:36:45
  6. robweir
    @mayerjoy i mean, seriously: “Hi, you busy? [sits down] Here’s my large and complex problem.”
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 10:49:35
  7. This one from a former student is practical. Feel free to be a squeaky wheel if you think your editor, or a colleague, has forgotten to follow up on something. But don’t squeak at an annoying decibel. (Rachel has experience squeaking at me, and she does it professionally.)
  8. rschallom
    @mayerjoy Send friendly reminder emails–things get lost. Key word: friendly.
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 11:11:56
  9. BE PLEASANT. Eye contact. Smile. (Crazy suggestions from Shaina.)
  10. ShainaRC
    @mayerjoy Learn how to give a proper greeting: eye contact, smile, firm handshake, clear pronunciation of name #lifelessons
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 10:53:09
  11. This next one is huge, especially in a newsroom with 250 people every semester. Don’t assume people know who you are.
  12. rclnudson
    @mayerjoy I just moved to edit for a new group and half the people stop by, ask where their story is and never say who the are or what story
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 14:35:00
  13. And Megan offers this total classic.
  14. meganeruyle
    @mayerjoy always ask, “how can I help?” when you’re at lose ends at work. Or at home, sometimes. #lifelessons
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 15:37:33
  15. A word to the wise, and the perfect closing, from a member of last semester’s community outreach team:
  16. WieseHannah
    @mayerjoy If you use a leaf blower to clean your cabin at camp, you’ll set off the smoke detector.
    Wed, Aug 29 2012 11:24:09


What would you add? Comment here, or tweet to @mayerjoy with the hashtag #lifelessons.


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